Thursdays (in December) at Oscar’s


Dec. 4 at 7pm: Shann Carr’s One-Woman Comedy Show: Smoking My Eyeliner

Dec. 11 at 7pm: Dueling Drag Divas Celeb Smackdown

Dec. 18 at 7pm: The Mis-Match Game

• • •

Tickets $15 (Online pre-sale only) or $20 (Cash only, at the door)


Show Dates
Dinner Reservations

Help Gertie, The RV Become a Multi-Purpose Community Vehicle For Good!

The campaign may be over, but there are still some amazing perks remaining that can be yours for a donation. Check them out via the Indiegogo link below then use this button to donate.

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layin on Gertie

Comedian Shann Carr and friends want to get Gertie the RV back on her “feet” to be a community vehicle so she can do good deeds in Palm Springs and beyond!

Join Our Indiegogo Campaign

Palm Springs-based comedian, community volunteer and all-around do-gooder Shann Carr owns an RV affectionately named “Gertie.” Gertie had a life changing adventure taking a 13,000-mile comedy tour across the US and she touched lives wherever she showed up! Sadly, soon after the tour, Gertie had a breakdown on her way home from Vegas! Now, Shann and her friends want to get Gertie’s powers for good back on the road and we need your help!

When we get Gertie up on her feet, we intend to use her to support everything from collecting food donations for local food banks, to transporting crated pets to and from pet adoption locations, and shuttling visitors to fundraising parties and events. Where Gertie goes, smiles happen! We want Gertie to be available for use by non-profit organizations for the nominal cost of her actual operation as well as affordably rentable for business and pleasure. Everything from a doing real shuttle gig at Modernism Week, to being a community Center’s pride float or taking Shann out on another, little comedy tour. Gertie’s destiny is to to do well while doing good.

Find out more at our Indiegogo campaign.