Making gay and not-so gay-America laugh… one RV park at a time.

The tour is done!

Gay comedians Shann Carr and Ken Cypert spent this summer in a pink rhinestone encrusted RV, driving over 13,000 miles to some of the country’s best gay events and destinations.  They went to NY, Las Vegas and Key West’s gay prides, International Mr. Leather, Gay Days Orlando, Fire Island, The Russian River and a couple of gay campgrounds.  In fact, says Shann “Performing at The Woods (a gay nudist camping resort in the Poconos) was one of our favorites. For the stage, they opened up the side of a barn and a few hundred people in varying states of undress and inebriation sat in their own, portable lawn chairs in the field below. Who gets to do that?”

Ken Cypert, my hillbilly-sidekick, really did wear that cowboy hat everywhere.  I really did catch him highlighting his pubic hair (in the name of having the carpet match the drapes) with a bottle of Sun-In and a blow dryer. He really did go from stand-up virgin to becoming a full-fledged comedian over the course of this summer– one whom I was proud to have opening for me.

I really did have my picture taken with “Gertie” (our RV) and large groups of naked men on more than one occasion, I really did convince Ken that a day of hiking AND kayaking would be a relaxing last-day on tour and I really did learn a lot about what it means to be a boss this Summer.  It was an honor bossing Ken around.  An expensive honor.

Gertie, our RV had some issues.  She’s bi-polar. She chugged and lurched herself to the side of the road in at least 15 precarious locations around the country. Somehow, she always drove us to our destination as long as we gave her a short asphalt nap in a shady rest area. Weird, we never figured out what it was.  Bi-polar, high maintenance, whatever you want to call it, she took us a total of 13,255 miles. Should I bitch?  I think not!  Won’t stop me.

Becky, our stray dog, came to us with a number of pretty serious issues too.  The most severe of which is that he is an alcoholic.  He’d lap down three or four cocktails over the course of a party.  Inevitably he’d end up in someone’s den, dry humping a small statue or sculpture… he really loves art.   Then he’d come and try to bum a cigarette.  There is always a “tell” with addicts.

We came home with a million stories and a bunch of new friends and a better idea of how grueling it is for an entertainer trying to work the gay circuit on the road. We love our video footage, we loved the experience and now it’s time to make the one-hour special we’ll use to pitch our series. Believe me the things that happened to us on the road were some good viewing.  Wish we’d had a full camera crew.

As we edit this piece and we want to team up with a $20,000 presenting sponsor.  You know, an “Out For Laughs is ‘brought to you by’ (your company name here)” kind of Presenting sponsor.  We really earned it this summer and we’re hoping to be able to finish the project respectably with real money.  C’mon coroporate folks.  It is advertising dollars well spent.

A million thanks to my family, friends and fans who kept us floating on air (6 tires worth) throughout our 90 day tour. Out For Laughs: The Land Cruise was the best adventure I’ve ever cooked up, and I do love a crazy challenge! Thank you for being there at every Facebook entry with a great come-back, a brilliant thought or a helping hand.  We loved every minute of it, even the crappy minutes.

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