The Nanny is a Campy Fag Hag

Simple and formulaic, the first episode of the new sit-com Happily Divorced starring Fran Drescher (of the 90 series The Nanny) lacks the bite that makes us want to gobble -up shows like Will and Grace and Modern Family.  I guess you could claim brand loyalty on behalf of the boomer-friendly TV Land Network, in that the show feels “classic” in it’s structure and tempo.  Any of the extras from a filming of Three’s Company would fit right into the scene.

The fact that this show is based on her actually having been “unwittingly” married to a gay guy, is a bit endearing.  But then they go and cast a straight guy, John Michael Higgens (a nice enough man) to play that gay guy, and a pretty prissy gay guy at that.  Why?  I can’t imagine?  That extra little bit of honesty that a gay actor might have brought to the role could have been what bumped Happily Divorced into the stand-out category.  There really are happily divorced gay people who have fun and funny relationships with their exes and families.

I have to admit I find the honk and squeak of Fran Dresher’s NY sound oddly engaging.  She’s just right for these sorts of sit-coms. I even enjoy her inability to be anything other than herself.  I can’t explain it.  It must be the tits and ass.  Oh, I guess I can explain it.

So, I’ll cross my fingers that Happily Divorced will develop into something smart enough to fill a new-fangled spot among my retro-TV affections.  I’ll cross my fingers,…but I’ve been burned too many times to hold my breath.

Please don’t make me write a blog entry titled “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!”

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